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Our personal training is designed to help you achieve your fitness and aesthetic goals.  We offer personal training in several different formats:


One to One - This is ideal for anyone with little to no training experience, the one on one setting allows our coaches to full concentrate on you for the entire session.  More time can be spent on learning technique, and ensuring every rep is carried out in an optimal manner.


Small Group Training -


Would you benefit from one on one coaching with our strength and conditioning expert Pauric, but would enjoy the atmosphere of training with other people with similar fitness goals?

Rejuvenate offers both a Men's Group and a Women's Group training.  These sessions are designed to improve body composition (reduce body fat and build muscle), through weight training.  The sessions are periodised to ensure that whilst you are reaching your body composition goals, you are also getting stronger.  Groups are kept small so that proper coaching of technique and weight recommendations can be made to ensure optimal results for participants.


These sessions are purchased in blocks - 12 weeks, 24 weeks or 48 weeks.



Online - When we are limited by location and time availability, working with clients online has proven to be a huge success.  With online training we are able to tailor the program to your needs, goals and ability.  This type of coaching allows the greatest freedom to our clients as to when and where they train.  Technique feed back can be provided via video and we can always organise one off sessions to monitor progress and any other concerns.



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