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Reformer Pilates Arrives in Burren


We are delighted to have purchased a Pilates Reformer for our facility. Our physiotherapist Orla has used a reformer extensively as part of rehab and prehab for over 5 years and swears by its success and benefits.

The Pilates Reformer, invented by Joseph Pilates is probably the most famous piece of Pilates equipment and despite the somewhat medieval name it is actually an amazing elegant and sophisticated machine.

The Pilates Reformer makes a dramatic impression when you first see one and an even more dramatic change in the body when you use it.

The Reformer is a bed-like frame with a flat platform on it, called the carriage, which rolls back and forth on wheels within the frame. The carriage is attached to one end of the reformer by a set of springs. On the other end there are shoulder pads and it also has long straps with handles which can be pulled with legs or arms. Body weight and the resistance of the springs are what make the exercises more or less challenging.

The Reformer provides finely tuned exercise resistance that allows you to work very precisely to develop good alignment, core stability, strength and flexibility

Endorsed by Doctors, Physiotherapists, Professional Athletes & Dancers around the world. Pilates is excellent for the rehabilitation of injuries, improving postural problems & relieving chronic pain all over the body.

1:1 slots available please contact Orla O'Rourke directly for more information.

19 Burren Hill


Northern Ireland


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